July 30, 2014

4L (Four Ladies) - MV_Teaser


Lyle: the 'lesbian Rosemary's Baby' to be streamed for free online, starring Gaby Hoffmann Read more

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Imogen and Jack Lesbian Kiss from Degrassi: Season 13, Episode 40 Thunderstruck: Part 2 (29 Jul. 2014). Watch online


Brenna and Greer Scene from Chasing Life: Season 1, Episode 8 Death Becomes Her (2014). Watch online


July 27, 2014

Tracy Ifeachor and Natalie Hoflin Scene from Crossbones: Season 1, Episode 5 The Return (11 Jul. 2014). Watch online

In the spring of 1944 in Poland, near the end of WWII, Janina faces a huge change in her life when her father decides to offer a shelter to his Jewish friend's daughter Ester. One day, her father is arrested and Janina starts to take care of Ester by herself and in doing so secret emotions rise between them.

In a not too far future, Steve Battier, a multimillionaire elderly and terminally ill, accepting the offer of a company - RPG - that in return for a high monetary value provides to a very restricted group of clients the possibility to become young again.

The first Australian film to focus on the normality of life as a lesbian.

Zoe.Misplaced centres on the effect love and relationships can have on our lives;
And how sometimes, no matter how much you give, it's not always meant to be.


Song courtesy of James Shaw - Cigarettes and I

A lesbian couple are at odds over how to take their relationship to the next step.  This scene is honestly portrayed by real-life couple Elvina Beck and Joni Colburn.  Written and Directed by Allen L. Sowelle.



Thanks to Ivan Jovanov

July 26, 2014

Tracy Ifeachor and Natalie Hoflin Scene from Crossbones: Season 1, Episode 4 Antoinette (27 Jun. 2014). Watch online

July 23, 2014